Happy Birthday Blog! (an excuse for some humble bragging...)

There are several "real" blog posts in the works - and so this is not interesting to anyone else - but a blog is also a personal thing

So who cares. It's my blog and I'll post if I want to. Because I finally got around to doing something I'd been putting off for over a year and coincidentally today marks 1-year since I started this blog. 

Finally passing after the MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security exam - with a score of 738 but who cares!!! So now I have my Microsoft 365: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification!

Last summer I'd rage quit the MS-101 because I failed with a score of 698 and - if I'm perfectly honest - I'm not all that interested in 365 compliance. So studying for that exam was a chore. And now it's over. 

Laziness Disclaimer: I actually do have some actual technical blog posts I'm working on - but had to shelf them due to a torrent of work stuff at my real job after coming back from my summer vacation. Which was great! We went island hopping in Greece! Thanks for asking!